Eastern Conference Rosters for 2017-2018 Season


Latest Update: 10-12-2017

You can preview current Eastern Conference rosters on this page. The rosters are listed 1-15 based on the initial Las Vegas over/under odds from Jeff Sherman of Westgate prior to the season beginning.

To see the 15 Western Conference rosters, click here.

The Elite (1-5): Celtics, Cavaliers, Wizards, Raptors, Bucks


The Challengers (6-10): Heat, Hornets, Sixers, Pistons, Magic


The Lottery May Be Close (11-15): Pacers, Knicks, Nets, Hawks, Bulls


Questions and Answers about rosters

Why are some players in yellow fields?

This indicates that player was either a 2017 All-Star or 2017 All-NBA team member.

Why are some of the fields orange?

Orange fields indicate players that have been signed or will reportedly sign under the new 2-way contracts between the NBA and G-League. Each team is allowed up to two 2-way roster spots. 

Why are some players’ names italicized?

This could mean several things. The player has reportedly agreed to sign with that team. 

Why do some players have a date behind their name or “NG?”

Using information from BasketballInsiders.com, these are the guarantee dates for players with non-guaranteed deals.

Why is a player listed in red font?

That player is recovering from an injury and he isn’t expected to be available by opening night. If there’s a month, that’s the expected return month for that player. 

Where does this roster information come from?

A number of different places: NBA.com/stats, Basketball-Reference.com, The NBA’s official transaction page, Real GMs transaction page, Spotrac’s transaction page, BasketballInsiders.com and various media outlets.


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